Wayne Vickers (b. 1976, Whakatāne)

New Zealand Landscape Artist

Wayne Vickers Starting a Fresh Canvas

Wayne prepares to start work on another beautiful New Zealand Oil Landscape. With such beautiful scenery to draw inspiration from, how can you not?…

New Zealand has a passionate history of landscape painters who have endowed each successive generation with the beauty of the unique landscape, its majestic mountains and ever-changing seascape. From the earliest work by William Hodges, to Fristrom, Hodgkins, and then into the twentieth century – Neilson, Badcock, Wilson and White – names celebrated as reminders of our changing face

The twenty-first century has introduced a new, modern group of New Zealand artists to maintain and grow our passion and interest in our landscape. In the footsteps of Jonathan White one of the new drivers has become the increased awareness of the need to protect and share the beauty of the landscape. It is into this new mix that Wayne Vickers has emerged.

Waynes preferred medium of oil paints, brings his New Zealand Landscape paintings to life!

Wayne’s interest in art was stimulated while attending High School. Now, a full-time Artist, Wayne’s passion for the conservation and nurturing of our environment which has been translated into canvas.

All of this had its genesis in 2008. Moving around the landscape – looking, observing and being captured by a momentary flash of inspiration is the stimulation which translates into a pure landscape, primordial with majestic mountains and powerful seascapes.

This work plays with the moods of the New Zealand back country – the four seasons in one day, and the enveloping of lush untouched nature. The play of light, like so many other artists, captures the soul of Wayne’s work. Through multi-layers of glaze and oil paint both the real and imagined become intertwined as one.

A mountain range begins to take form in this picturesque new zealand landscape painting Mentored by some of New Zealand’s great landscape artists, Wayne has a natural ability which will continue to grow and develop each year through his love and passion of paint and canvas, combined with what is quintessentially New Zealand – our back-country landscape.


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