Some of the most remote and rugged landscape in New Zealand; the Glaisnock Wilderness Area stretches from the Tasman Sea in the West to Lake Te Anau in the East.  In the early 1900’s Wapiti or North American Elk Deer were introduced to this land, today the eerie bugle of the Wapiti calls through the valleys of this impenetrable land. Shrouded in mist and beauty this is an inhospitable land; for all of these reasons it becomes a very special place and a privilege to paint.

I have literally just signed the painting. Firstly have to acknowledge Rob Suisted for supplying me with a fine image to begin the work. The painting is 1520mm x 610mm oil on fine linen and looks along the Edith River and George River alpine tops to George Sound in the distance. The introduced Wapiti deer are depicted in the right of the painting. To create a painting like this I am virtually copying what mother nature has set before us, somehow I think the mystic of an impenetrable wilderness adds to the natural beauty and makes it slightly more special to paint.

The painting is made up of numerous layers of paint and fine glaze that creates a deep illustrious finish. It is currently available and welcome to view by appointment in my studio in Papamoa. For enquires or more images please email

Thanks, Wayne